Coach Kimmy Kids bootcamp

More Kids Turning to Personal Training

Coach Kimmy Kids bootcampMore and more kids are turning to personal training these days. The desire to be fit has inspired the youngest members of society. The best part is, the kids enjoy it and are able to notice the difference in just a matter of sessions. Some kids said that before they started training they were feeling a little depressed and uncomfortable with themselves. Personal Training has put them back in high spirits and made them more comfortable around their peers.

Learning how to exercise properly is a big part of the push for young personal training clients. Educating kids on how their muscles work and move allows them to workout safely without injuring themselves.

The question is, at what age do you start?


Kimmy Carlson, or Coach Kimmy works with very young kids, creating a stimulating, healthy environment for them to exercise and have fun at the same time. Her bootcamps are well known in the Downer’s Grove area where she lives. She allows participants from ages 2.5-6 years old into the camps. She provides themes and other incentives to make the kids not even realize the great service they are doing their bodies, due to the fact that they are having so much fun in the process.

Another major section of the bootcamps is eating. Kimmy provides snacks for all the kids, but not your average sweets. Coach Kimmy gives the kids healthy foods like cheese, water and power bars that teach the kids how to eat a balanced, healthy meal at a young age. She even has a way of making the kids have fun drinking water.

Her fitness program will make lifelong athletes and a new generation of healthy kids, which is needed to combat the unhealthy habits of today’s American society.

Kimmy also provides personal training services to adults as well. She is available for contact via her phone or email, both located on her website: